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US-9628663-B1: Method and apparatus for generating a multi-layer correlation mark key patent, US-9646539-B2: Driving circuit and display device including the same patent, US-9653682-B1: Resistive random access memory structure patent, US-9666694-B2: Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and method of manufacturing the same patent, US-9696605-B2: Optical phased array using stacked parallel plate wave guides and method of fabricating arrays of stacked parallel plate waveguides patent, US-9711587-B2: Organic light emitting display device patent, US-9712988-B2: Mobile communication terminal, and system and method for safety service using same patent, US-9734279-B2: Method of designing a system of electrical wirings for a complex system, and corresponding complex system patent, US-9743669-B2: Alcohol-based disinfectant patent, US-9757671-B2: Filter apparatus for compressed air patent, US-9761528-B2: Interconnection structure patent, US-9794773-B2: Mobile device management patent, US-9846188-B2: Detecting, localizing and ranking copper connectors patent, US-9856334-B2: Cyclopolymeric zwitterion-dianionic resin and synthesis and uses thereof patent, US-9870712-B1: Time and spatial based flight selection system and method patent, US-9873418-B2: Non detachable body connection system with connection ring for emergency brake cylinders patent, US-9879747-B2: Shock absorber patent, US-9881060-B1: Method and system for suggesting messages and accounts from a real-time messaging platform patent, US-9887674-B2: Multi-stage amplifier with improved operating efficiency patent, US-8610375-B2: Adaptive bleeder circuit patent, US-8633618-B2: Semiconductor device and radio communication device patent, US-8634601-B2: Surveillance-based high-resolution facial recognition patent, US-8649416-B2: Signal processing apparatus, information processing apparatus, signal processing method, data display method, and program patent, US-8657231-B2: Aircraft cabin bin retrofit patent, US-8676281-B1: Interchangeable color backgrounds for cell phone protector cases patent, US-8676978-B2: Efficient storage and retrieval of resources for rendering structured documents patent, US-8679978-B2: Method for forming a film including Zr, Hf or the like, and method for manufacturing a semiconductor device using the same patent, US-8687393-B2: Power converter module patent, US-8695145-B2: Cleaning method, cleaning apparatus patent, US-8718887-B1: Energy based transmission friction element diagnostic patent, US-8723855-B2: On-chip power-down generation for LDO-based mutual capacitance touchscreen controllers patent, US-8751728-B1: Storage system bus transfer optimization patent, US-8752276-B2: Method of manufacturing rotating electrical machine patent, US-8760718-B2: Image printer for changing a tone of an original image based on associated identification information and printing the image data having the changed tone, and corresponding image printing method and recording medium patent, US-8790425-B2: Method for aggregating and separating algae patent, US-8834608-B2: Process and device for separating off solid particles from a water phase patent, US-8853434-B2: Process for the isomerisation of substituted alkenes patent, US-8856269-B2: System and method for identifying a masked IP address patent, US-8857658-B2: Packaging container patent, US-8895645-B2: Polymer-modified asphalt compositions patent, US-8900377-B2: Flexible pipe having increased acid resistance and/or corrosion resistance patent, US-8903706-B2: System for embedded microcontroller and method patent, US-8912912-B2: Remote identification device associated with a vehicle including means for remotely communicating battery state-of-charge information with the associated vehicle patent, US-8924295-B2: User terminal location based credit card authorization servers, systems, methods and computer program products patent, US-8934632-B2: System and method for device-to-device (D2D) assisted dynamic traffic control for cellular networks patent, US-8939623-B2: Optical system unit and vehicular lamp patent, US-8948799-B1: Channel quality indicator apparatus and method patent, US-8951061-B1: Cable connector assembly having a top part with insulation displacing conductor pins pivotally connected to a base part patent, US-9002756-B2: Data compression method for a classifier in a telecommunication environment utilizing aggregation of data over time periods of increasing length patent, US-9024221-B2: Electrical switch device for a machine tool patent, US-9024253-B2: Calibration system for detector patent, US-9031066-B2: Casing apparatus having wireless communication function for mobile terminal patent, US-9047831-B2: Liquid crystal display panel and display driving method patent, US-9086811-B2: Managing data sets of a storage system patent, US-9114185-B2: Apparatus for sanitizing medical devices patent, US-9154216-B2: Generation of a data stream comprising user messages in a satellite-based augmentation system patent, US-9214444-B2: Aluminum coated copper ribbon patent, US-9265122-B2: DC-DC converter, organic light emitting display having the DC-DC converter and method for operating the DC-DC converter patent, US-9267602-B2: Seal assembly including partially filled gaps patent, US-9274550-B2: Hinge, supporting module having the hinge, and display device having the supporting module patent, US-9281042-B1: Non-volatile memory using bi-directional resistive elements and capacitive elements patent, US-9292341-B2: RPC acceleration based on previously memorized flows patent, US-9331011-B2: Electronic component built-in substrate and method of manufacturing the same patent, US-9349613-B1: Electronic package with embedded materials in a molded structure to control warpage and stress patent, US-9361117-B2: Tag-based implementations enabling high speed data capture and transparent pre-fetch from a NOR flash patent, US-9382300-B2: Use of recombinant polypeptides from the genus Lupinus as antimicrobial or insecticidal on plants patent, US-9391672-B2: System, mobile communication terminal and method for transferring information patent, US-9399566-B2: Grooved drum and associated roller for motorized lifting device patent, US-9405532-B1: Integrated cloud platform translation system patent, US-9434664-B2: Preparation method for edge-fluorinated graphite via mechanic-chemical process patent, US-9458221-B2: Adenoviral expression vector encoding a CD40L fusion protein patent, US-9461132-B2: Semiconductor device having mid-gap work function metal gate electrode patent, US-9462816-B2: Oyster opening device patent, US-9492598-B2: Equipment that makes it possible to apply a determined pulsatile pressure to a medical device patent, US-9499399-B2: Method for forming MEMS structure with an etch stop layer buried within inter-dielectric layer patent, US-9568305-B2: Method and system for measuring the thickness of ice on a surface, notably of an aircraft, using a luminous pattern generated by diffusion in the ice patent, US-9572713-B2: Intraocular pressure sensing system for posterior segment drainage patent, US-9594021-B2: Apparatus of detecting transmittance of trench on infrared-transmittable material and method thereof patent, US-9596655-B2: Radio resource control technique patent, US-9610147-B2: Brush head patent, US-9610441-B2: Stimulation method for treatment of dermatological conditions patent, US-9619826-B1: Third-party authentication systems and methods patent, US-9626739-B2: Inferring diagram structure through implicit shape relationships patent, US-9637500-B2: Solid forms of a macrocyclic kinase inhibitor patent, US-9646815-B2: Integrated nanospray system patent, US-9670356-B2: Matrix material patent, US-9676483-B2: Aircraft galley air chiller system patent, US-9696016-B2: Lighting device and corresponding method patent, US-9700595-B2: Liquid formulation of a fusion protein comprising TNFR and Fc region patent, US-9731301-B2: Swing rotor with holding pins fixed to branch arms and having connection part connecting the branch arms for centrifuge and centrifuge patent, US-9753787-B2: Multiple processor modes execution method and apparatus including signal handling patent, US-9772811-B2: Image processing system, image processing apparatus, and image processing method patent, US-9774019-B2: Rechargeable battery unit for a watercraft patent, US-9785106-B2: Image forming apparatus and method for controlling an amount of lubricant applied on the image carrier patent, US-9792195-B2: Terminal data logger patent, US-9843222-B2: Uninterruptible power supply system for preventing charging of batteries and method for controlling uninterruptible power supply system patent, US-9861247-B2: Particle trap/filter and systems related thereto patent, US-9881922-B2: Semiconductor device and method patent, US-9885275-B2: Boiling cooling system patent, US-9888577-B2: Passive electrical devices with a polymer carrier patent, patent, patent, 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