Matrice de services pour la traduction de numeros

Number translation services matrix


A method is disclosed for processing call data among telephone switching offices and a remotely located database system, called an SCP (Services Control Point), such that one large monolithic application at the SCP is shared among a very large number of individual services. Specifically, the disclosure pertains to the means of achieving the necessary service differentiation at the SCP, namely through: i) the use of a very powerful transaction processor, capable of addressing massive amounts of memory and dealing with large numbers of real time events; ii) the assignment of service-specific memory addressing ranges (identified hereafter as Numbering Plans, which can be either Open or Private) in one large monolithic application; iii) the use of service-specific search keys within Numbering Plans; iv) a rich common service logic tree, and common reference library, capable of being pruned down to match the service logic needs of individual services, and of individual customers within those services; v) rapid screen customization at the service provisioners' workstations to meet service-specific operations requirements; and vi) a criss-cross numbering plan table that enable services which require the caller's identity to maintain their integrity. The result is a matrix with all the services on one axis and all the service features on the other, such that the intersections of services and features can be customized by the Telco to meet specific service needs.




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