Improvement in reversible rearview mirror

Retroviseur reversible ameliore


The reversible rearview mirror has a mirror plate (1); a housing (2) which houses the mirror plate, both the mirror (1) and the housing (2) being symmetrical with respect to a horizontal axis (X); a supporting member (3) which is semirigid so as to be bendable when its ends are pressed toward each other in an axial direction; and a base (6) fixed to a vehicle body and on which the supporting member (3) is pivotally mounted and an attachment device for assembling and attaching the housing (2) to the supporting member (3) which is provided between the housing (2) and the supporting member (3). The attachment device includes two L-shaped clamps (4) which extend perpendicularly from respective outside regions of a lateral portion (10) of the supporting member (3) which receives the housing (2); and respective grooves (5) provided in a lateral portion (11) of the housing (2), adjacent to the lateral portion (10) of the supporting member (3), which receive the respective L-shaped clamps (4).




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