Resonateur dielectrique pour filtre a micro-ondes et filtre dote d'un tel resonateur

Dielectric resonator for a microwave filter, and a filter including such a resonator


The invention relates to a multimode composite resonator, in particular for a microwave filter, the resonator comprising a resonant cavity and a dielectric resonator element disposed inside the cavity, tuning means for a plurality of different modes of the dielectric element, and coupling means between said modes. The innovation consists in the relative shape of the element and of the cavity: in one embodiment, the element is in the form of a parallelepiped of parallelogram section with four sides and four vertices, and said vertices are short-circuited together by the conductive walls of the cavity via RF electrical contact between said vertices and the walls. An additional embodiment can be generated by duplicating said plane geometrical shape by rotation through 90° about an axis of symmetry of said parallelogram so as to constitute a three-dimensional dielectric resonator. The vertices of the three-dimensional resonator, like those of the two-dimensional resonator, are short-circuited to one another via the conductive walls of the cavity.




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