Method and apparatus for converting synchronous narrowband signals into a sonet virtual tributary group for combining with broadband asynchronous transfer mode signals in an integrated telecommunications network

Methode et appareil de conversion de signaux a bande etroite synchrones en groupe tributaire virtuel sonet en vue d'une combinaison avec des signaux a large bande asynchrones dansun reseau de telecommunication integre


In the network of the invention, telephony and other narrow band services are provided using twisted pairs via existing fiber-in-the-loop (FITL,)technology while the analog video and digital broadcast video are carried over asingle coaxial cable to the customer premise. All customer subscriber lines are moved out of the central office and are distributed in the outside distribution plant via FITL technology. Data and digital video from the central office are distributed to a large number of field located optical network units (ONU) as ATM signals over optical fibers. The narrowband signals are converted to a SONET virtual tributary group and are combined with the digital video signals for delivery to the home.




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