A shaving system (10) of the wet shave type includes support structure (12) and blade structure (22) secured to the support structure (12). The blade structure (22) has an aperture (20) with an annular sharpened shaving edge (30) that is defined by main facet portions (56, 58) that converge at an angle of less than 40 degrees, and supplemental facet portions (52, 54) that are extensions of the main facet portions (56, 58) and converge at an included angle of less than 60 degrees to define an annular ultimate tip portion (46). The annular ultimate tip (46) of the sharpened edge (30) defines a shaving plane (50) and the bisector of the included angle defined by the supplemental facets (52, 54) is disposed at an angle (shaving angle 60) in the range of 15-35 degrees to the shaving plane (50).




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