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A latch assembly for a lockset is disclosed comprising a cylindrical bolt including at least one axially extending flat portion and a cylindrical casing which is to be inserted into matched bore in a door and which includes a bore for receiving the bolt. The bolt and bore include cooperating structure for maintaining a desired orientation of the bolt relative to the bore as the bolt is displaced from an extended position to a retracted position. A cylindrical adaptor is provided for effectively increasing the diameter of the cylindrical casing including first and second semi-cylindrical portions displaceable into abutting relationship to capture the cylindrical casing and to define a selectively sized outer diameter. The semi-cylindrical portions are releasably secured together when they abut and have a radially inwardly extending end portion which together define an opening selectively configured to matingly receive the cylindrical bolt thereby defining a facing for the cylindrical casing. The semi-cylindrical portions and the cylindrical casing also include cooperating structure for establishing a desired longitudinal position of the semi-cylindrical portions relative to the cylindrical casing.




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