Short cell management unit and method

Gestion de cellules courtes et methode


A short cell management unit capable of carrying out OAM (operation, administration and maintenance) functions on short cell connection basis (newly defined F7 flow) included in VC (virtual connection) in addition to OAM functions on VC basis (F5 flow) which are defined in a conventional B-ISDN. The F7 flow includes the entire OAM functions such as fault management, performance management, which are included in F4 and F5 flows that carry out the management by causing a standard OAM cell defined in the existing B-ISDN to flow. To implement this, a variable length OAM cell is newly provided as one of the short cells, and a base station and a switching office are newly provided with a short OAM cell/standard OAM cell translator for carrying out mapping between the short OAM cell and the standard OAM cell. Furthermore, a generally used standard OAM processor is used for implementing the management functions (F4 and F5 flow) defined in the standard B-ISDM.




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