Appareil pour le traitement thermique des tissus

Apparatus for thermal treatment of tissue


An auxiliary electromagnetic thermal treatment apparatus for use with an endoscope to provide the endoscope with electromagnetic thermal treatment capabilities is provided. The auxiliary apparatus includes a handle portion and an elongate portion connected to the handle portion and dimensioned to be at least partially inserted within a working channel of an endoscope. The elongate portion includes at least one delivery tube having a memory portion comprised of a shape memory material and defining a normally unstressed curved configuration. The one delivery tube is longitudinally moveable relative to the handle portion to extend the memory portion beyond the working channel of the endoscope such that the memory portion assumes the normal unstressed curved configuration thereof. An electromagnetic probe is disposed within the delivery tube and is longitudinally moveable relative to the delivery tube to extend a probe end portion thereof beyond the delivery tube and within tissue. The electromagnetic probe is adapted to follow the curved configuration of the memory portion of the delivery tube for deployment at an angularly oriented relation with respect to the endoscope. A rotatable control member is mounted to the handle portion and operatively connected to the delivery tube. The control member is rotatable to move the delivery tube between a first retracted position and a second advanced position. An actuator is also mounted to the handle portion and is operatively connected to the electromagnetic probe. The actuator is moveable to extend the probe end portion beyond the delivery tube. The present disclosure is also directed to a combination of an endoscope and an auxiliary thermal treatment device. A method for thermally treating tissue is also disclosed.




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