Appareil de pulverisation

Spray apparatus


Agricultural or horticultural spray apparatus of the kind comprising a holding tank (1) for liquid to be sprayed, at least one spray nozzle (16), a pump (5), for moving liquid from the tank (1) and for causing the liquid to be sprayed from the nozzle (16) and a return line (19) from the nozzle to the tank, characterized in that the return line (19) is provided between the pump (5) and the spray nozzle (16), and characterized by means (20), e.g. a venturi device, for causing a depression in the return line (19) to cause liquid to flow from the nozzle (16) to the tank (1). The apparatus may have a shut-off valve (15) in a feed line (14) between the liquid moving means (5) and each nozzle (16). The return line (19) may be disposed between the respective shut-off valve (15) and its corresponding nozzle (16). The venturi device (20) may be powered from the pump (5). The apparatus may comprise a line (18) from the tank (1) to the or each nozzle (16) and through which liquid is drawn when a depression is applied to the return line (19).




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