Compositions resistant a l'eau, isolants electriques

Water resistant electrical insulation compositions


An electrically insulating cross-linked polyethylene composition for use in high voltage electrical cables, said cross-linked polyethylene being obtained by cross-linking a composition consisting essentially of a low density, peroxide cross-linkable polyethylene, 1-2% w/w of a terpolymer of ethylene, vinyl acetate and vinyl alcohol and at least 0. 15 % w/w of a sterically hindered amine stabiliser of said composition; said terpolymer being obtained from about 40-45% hydrolysis of an ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer having a 20-30% w/w vinyl acetate content; and wherein said polyethylene and said terpolymer have substantially the same melt index. The cross-linked polyethylene compositions have improved resistance to moisture induced degradation.




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