Buses pour leurres thermiques ir et a liquide pyrophorique

Nozzles for pyrophoric ir decoy flares


A decoy flare for infrared (~R) seeking missiles comprises a tubular shell with a cover member hermetically sealed to an outer front edge of the tubular shell to form a container for a pyrophoric liquid. The cover member has a central rupturing disc that ruptures at a predetermined pressure, a nozzle cap with a nozzle opening being attached to the cover member adjacent an exterior surface of that rupturing disc. Pressure applied by a mechanism to the pyrophoric liquid can rupture the rupturing disc and eject the pyrophoric liquid through the nozzle. A pre-heating chamber formed by an enclosure surrounds the nozzle opening in order to provide for more reliable ignition of the pyrophoric liquid at high altitudes and low flow rates, that enclosure having an outer surface containing a number of perforations through which air can enter the pre-heating chamber and through which pyrophoric liquid can be ejected from the chamber into the atmosphere.




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