Ensemble porte-palier fixe autoreglable

Self-adjusting steady bearing support assembly


A steady bearing (10) on a mixer shaft (12) in a vessel supported from the walls of the vessel by a plurality of pairs of parallel struts (96) which are pivotably mounted at their ends in fixed parallel clevises, the inner devises (44) being included in a bearing support subassembly and the outer clevises (84) being included in a plurality of mounting subassemblies (56) attached to the vessel wall. The steady bearing (10) is free to slide axially along the mixer shaft. The inner clevises (44) are mounted on a cylindrical clevis carrier (34) which is attached to the bearing holder only through rings (24, 26) at the top and bottom of the holder, thereby distributing the radial load uniformly over the bearing holder and preventing deformation of the bushing (20). The struts and clevises include cooperating faces which interfere in the event of failure of the pivot pins to arrest a loose strut and prevent it from engaging the mixer impeller.




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