Method for manufacturing knitted items with a passage for the insertion of support elements, and item obtained with the method

Methode de fabrication d'articles tricotes presentant un passage pour l'insertion d'elements de support, et article obtenu suivant cette methode


A method for manufacturing knitted items, particularly for manufacturing items of underwear, with a passage for the insertion of support wires or other insertion elements, in circular knitting machines, and an item obtained with the method. The method consists in forming the passage for the insertion of the wire or other insertion element in an intermediate production step during the knitting of the item, by knitting additional row portions with a preset number of needles alternated with needles excluded from knitting during the formation of the additional rows. In this manner, on one side of the item, a tunnel is obtained which is part of the item and inside which it is possible to insert a support wire or other insertion elements.




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