Movable partition

Cloison amovible


The sliding wall has a plurality of traveling sliding wall elements placed on a horizontal rail (2). Each sliding wall element has its own electric motor (4). Each electric motor (4) has a current collector which passes along two fixed conductor rails (9, 10) which are pan of the electrical circuit when the electric motor (4) is moved. These rails are connected via lines (18, 19) to a control unit (17) which controls the power supply and the operation. The first conductor rail (9) is provided with a line (18). On the other hand, the second conductor rail (10) has a plurality of lines (19) which lead to taps (20-27) which are isolated from one another by insulators (28), so that the control unit ( 17) can feed individually each tap (20-27) with current. This makes it possible to individually control and position the individual sliding wall elements.




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